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Make Your CDR Report Attractive to Migrate to Australia

Engineers must prepare a CDR (Competency Demonstration Report) in order to obtain equivalence if the department they graduated from does not have accreditation.
So what is this CDR?
CDR stands for “Competency Demonstration Report”, it mainly evaluates whether the applicant has the knowledge and skills of the nominated position based on the applicant’s bachelor degree and the content of the report.
The materials provided by the applicant need to reflect the following two points:
  1. Possess the core engineering knowledge that matches the nominated position;
  2. Ability to apply core engineering knowledge.
  3. As long as the applicant’s engineering-related qualifications are not on the certification list of the Australian Institute of Engineers, or the applicant is an evaluation engineering manager, he needs to submit a Competency Demonstration Report (CDR).
Components of CDR
  1. CDR application form;
  2. Declaration page;
  3. Notarized copies of academic qualifications, degrees and transcripts;
  4. Personal resume;
  5. Work certificate;
  6. Personal continuing professional development report;
  7. Three career reports;
  8. Summary form of personal professional ability;
  • Original IELTS transcript (need to be sent by the IELTS center to the Australian Institute of Engineers).

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