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Importance of Recognition of Prior Learning: Here Is Everything You Need to Know

Recognition of Prior Learning or RPL is a procedure through which prior learning of an individual is evaluated and recognized for a formal qualification. This might include on-the-job training, self-study, past college coursework, and several other things.
RPL Help for assessment aids individuals to save precious time along with a considerable amount of money. In this way, duplication of study is avoided and you get a chance to participate in education and training.

Recognition of prior learning can be used during a job change, promotions, progressing through a particular learning program, and personal development or current certification of skills without any requirement to go through a progression.

Importance of RPL for your career
Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) can aid your career in following ways:
  • Career Advancement
RPL often provides validation of your skills and knowledge which plays a vital role in career advancement.
By having your prior learning identified and credited towards a formal qualification, you will be able to qualify for higher-paying positions within your industry.
  • Improved job openings
RPL can open up new job openings for you because several employers look for candidates with formal qualifications and certifications. When you have your prior learning recognized, you are able to qualify for jobs that were not within your reach previously.
  • Bigger earning potential
RPL can help you to enjoy increased earning potential because several positions that need formal qualifications usually pay higher salaries than those that do not.
  • Professional development
RPL can be used for professional development, permitting individuals to continue acquiring new knowledge & skills throughout their lives which is helpful for career development.
  • Showcasing your skills
RPL assists you in showcasing your knowledge, abilities, and experience to potential employers. This further makes you an attractive candidate for job openings.
  • Improving your CV
By adding some more knowledge, qualifications, and skills that you have gained from work experience, RPL can improve your CV. This makes you highly competitive in job market.

What is RPL Australia?
In Australia, Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is a procedure through which prior learning of an individual is recognized and credited to a formal qualification.
Different educational institutions and professional bodies in Australia recognize and execute RPL. Procedure of RPL in Australia is usually carried out by qualified assessors who weigh evidence offered by an individual. This is done to determine whether their previous learning meets need of qualification for which they have applied. 
Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) gives a national framework for RPL and it is a responsibility of every institution to ensure that their RPL procedures are properly aligned with AQF.
In vocational education and training (VET) sector Australia, RPL is extensively used. Several vocational qualifications like ones which are offered by TAFE institutes, permit for recognition of prior learning. All this can be included on-the-job training, previous coursework, and self-study. 
RPL is also used in Australia in higher education. Nowadays, you can find that some universities and higher education institutions provide RPL for individuals who have some previous work experience that is linked to program they are applying for.
You need to understand that RPL is an essential aspect of Australian education system because it permits individuals to have prior education & work experiences recognized to a certification. This aids in increasing participation in education and training by making it accessible to people who were omitted previously.
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