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How to Prepare CDR for Engineers Australia Assessment

Competency Demonstration Report, as its name suggests, is a report where you try to prove the ability of the training you receive and that you can use your training correctly. You choose the profession you want to apply for without preparing the report, this is your ‘Nominated Occupation’.
What documents does CDR contain?
When you start the ‘Migration Skills Assessment’ process by opening an account through Engineers Australia Assessment, you’ll see 5 tabs with documents to upload. These and the documents they contain;
Personal Information for CDR report Australia:
  1. A passport-style photo – A new photo of you taken (biometric) in accordance with passport requirements.
  2. Prime ID Document – Your identity document. We have uploaded our passports, birth certificate and your identity in your own country (National ID Card) are also accepted.Name change documents – A document showing that if your first/last name has changed.CV / Resume – CV or resume document prepared as requested by Engineers Australia Assessment. It should not exceed 3 A4 pages. The information that this document should contain; 
  3. Name and location of the workplace, contact information; your check-in and check-out dates, the total amount of time you work; your position, official job description, or a description of the work you’re under undertaken.English Language Test Result – You load the result of the English test you have entered and enter the reference number. At the same time, don’t forget to send your result online to EngineersCDR Report Australia via the test’s site.
  1. Engineering Occupation – Here you choose the profession you want to be evaluated in.
  2. Education Qualification – You state the official name of your education, usually written in your diploma.
  3. Discipline – You state your profession; Civil Engineering, like
  4. .Institution – You’re stating the name of your university.
  5. Country – You’re making a country choice.
  6. Degree / Qualification – Your diploma
  7. Transcript – Your transcript
  8. Date of Completion – Your graduation date in your diploma.
Skilled Employment
  1. Name of the place where you work
  2. Your weekly working hours
  3. Evidence of Employment