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How to get skilled migration visa with CDR report

If you want to pass an engineering major, you must pass an Engineers Australia assessment. CDR is the top priority of the entire engineering evaluation work. This report should be considered as a relatively complicated one among all immigration professional evaluation materials.
What it requires is not only the elaboration of the content, but also the logic of the content, the coverage of the main points of the content, the work background, the personal work development status, and the application of personal technology.
On the basis of the above-mentioned comprehensive information, the applicant also needs to analyze, summarize and discuss the content that has been provided.
You need to write some articles, namely
  1. Prepare CPD Statement Prepare CPD Statement
  2.  Career Episodes
  3.  Summary Statement
Prepare CPD Statement
It’s a personal resume, simply listing your major, work experience, etc. Kind of like cover letter.
Career Episodes
One of the most troublesome is writing Career Episodes for Engineers Australia assessment. Explain your engineering education background, or work experience, personal ability development and technology application in different periods.
Applicants need to analyze, discuss and summarize how their education and experience make them meet the standards of an engineer. Each report should be at least 1000 words and at most 2500 words.
Summary Statement
This will be prepared according to the various aspects of knowledge and skills displayed by CDR.
You need to clearly show your knowledge and skills related to the nominated occupation for becoming an APEGS Engineering Licensee and Geoscience Licensee. Materials that can be used include:
1. Engineering assignments completed during the learning process
2. A project at work
3. The specific position currently held, specifying the time, job responsibilities, and completed tasks
4. A specific engineering problem to be solved
CDR’s requirements for applicants are quite comprehensive, not only focusing on technical details. The applicant has a comprehensive understanding of all aspects of the project such as cost, risk, documentation, social value, and of course, technology.
Don’t use too many technical materials. Each report contains introduction, background, personal engineering activities and summary.
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