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How to demonstrate your competence as an engineer

When asked which countries are best suited for emigration for engineer professionals, many immediately name Australia. The climate there is moderate, there are jobs. However, not everyone knows where to start moving in 2021.
Requirements for candidates who want to migrate to Australia to enhance their engineering career
To confirm qualifications, you must have a higher education in one of the engineering specialties. To confirm the specialty, a CDR (Competency Demonstration Report) kit is sent, i.e., documents demonstrating your competence as an engineer. In addition to your diploma, resume and recommendations from employers, the CDR should include descriptions of 3 episodes of your engineering practice.
The descriptions prove your competence. You must prove that you meet the Integrated Engineering Assessment (IEA) requirements due to the qualifications obtained and the projects or work performed. At the end of the CDR, you will need to rate yourself as an engineer on the list of professional qualities and skills required by the IEA. When assessing each category, you need to refer to episodes of your practice, thanks to which you received the necessary knowledge and skills.
Choosing an emigration program to Australia:
The Australian Department of Migration offers several ways to move:
  • The work program for emigration to Australia is suitable for almost everyone, the main thing is to have the necessary skills and qualifications. Proficient engineers have to undergo ACS migration skill assessment to work in engineering field.
  • family reunification – moving to a spouse, parent or child with the right to work, study and receive social benefits.
Obtaining a visa for immigration
Depending on the chosen method of moving, the process of obtaining an entry document is different. For a professional permit, you need to study the list of professions in demand for immigration to Australia on the official website of the Department, submit an application, and receive the required number of points for your experience and qualifications.
There is another way for engineers to move to Australia. Representatives of this profession can seek help from My CDR Help experts having years of experience in writing CDR report. All you need is a university degree in engineering, which is recognized in the country. Then, you can easily clear Engineer Australia Assessment for grabbing a good job.