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Excel you Engineering Career

To define your professional career accomplishments, you always need a Competency Demonstration Report. If you are looking forward to migrating to some other country, the CDR is surely an essential tool. The engineering department of that country uses it as a gist to your overall Engineering discipline. It often generally embodies your training, short courses, and attended workshops under continuing Professional development. An EA is management that looks after the assessment process for Immigration.
What all your CDR consist of?
Broadly it has been divided into three categories –
  1. Continuing Professional Development(CPD)
  2. 3- Career Episodes(CEs)
  3. A Summary statement.
  4. Along with these, you need Documentations like-
  5. Recent passport-sized photo,
  6. Educational Transcript
  7. Academic certificates
  8. IELTS and,
  • Last year’s employment status is required for the Competency Demonstration Report for Engineers Australia.
What all qualities make your CDR more comprehensive?
  1. It should be framed in a well-defined format. The EA has developed an official framework for CDR. You should always go through them before getting your CDR done.
  2. Its content should be placed carefully in 35 pages without any plagiarism.
  3. It should be unique and radiate professionalism.
  4. A well concise summary sheet should be formed in good manner.
  5. Perfect Australian English.
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