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Employment References for ACS RPL Application- A Complete Guide

If you want to work in Australia, providing CS reference is a mandatory practice. The Australian Computer Society (ACS) uses this reference letter to understand a certain aspirant’s skills and checks if he or she is eligible for a hob. It is held as proof of the work experience for a certain aspirant.
Professionals with non-ICT degrees of insufficient ICT degree must submit their employment letter wit RPL application. The ACS will use these experiences to match their  ACS migration skills assessment. ITC Professionals who only pass through this assessment are permitted to work in Australia.
Therefore, for a successful career in ICT, you must hand over the reference letter. Here are some facts that you need to mention in that RPL reference letter as per the guidelines-
  1. An applicant needs to include the starting and ending date of employment in the DD/MM/YY format. They need to include every employer chronologically. If you have a current employer, mention the starting date with the phrase “to date” to indicate your current employment.
  2. You need to mention the countries you have worked in the past. It is necessary. An aspirant needs to clarify if they worked on multiple countries for a single company or different companies. Additionally, it includes the country name, job location, and duration in your application.
  3. You need to include your role and tasks for your previous or current employment. It allows the ACS to determine if you are eligible for a certain job.
  4. An aspirant needs to mention their working hours- both minimum hours weekly along with overtimes.
  5. You need to provide an employment reference letter from your previous or current organization. It is a certificate from your previous or current employer in their official letterhead that includes clear details about the job role and performance.
  6. Often aspirants need some guidance in writing the RPL reference application. An incorrect application may lead to rejection. Therefore, it is better to take guidance from an expert who can provide employment reference letter help for ACS.
A clear application with all the right details in the prescribed format can help you to settle down in Australia with a better future and payroll.