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Ease your route to Australia

For working as a Professional Engineer, countries like Australia demand some of the defined competence to be present in the applicant. Before permitting allowance to the immigrants, they make sure that all the engineers are capable enough to demonstrate their skills and apply their knowledge efficiently and appropriately.
If you are a graduate or postgraduate in an engineering course, then you can go for an EA skill assessment. You need to submit your CDR, which is a competency demonstration Report and contains all your documents that reflect your engineering skills and other capabilities. The EA Australia then goes through your document. As it is the prime governing body in hiring Engineers from all over the globe, it has some strict and defined set rules for your CDR Report. It launches the Migration skill assessment booklet, which provides you the expected outline of your report.
Factual reports are to be placed in the correct order, which is necessary to get your application approved. Well, undoubtedly, you should never take a risk in framing your CDR report as it would cost you a gap of the next 11 months if you have failed to touch the guidelines of the EA. Hence, being an expert for your CDR is always a necessity to prevent yourself from getting debarred.
  1. Curriculum vitae
  2. CDR application form
  3. Academic documents
  4. Copy of your report with self-attestation
  5. CPD
  6. Reports on 3CE’s
  7. Summary of your skills and competencies.
If you are also looking forward to seeing yourself as a Professional Engineer in Australia and want a helping hand to form your base, which is your CDR, then My CDR help is ready to master your destiny.