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Demonstration of professional abilities of an engineer

Do you possess an excellent work experience which helped you in gaining different skill sets? Do you lack a diploma stating your excellence? If yes, then we recommend you to consult the services of RPL for Australian immigration!
Why have your knowledge and skills recognized?
  1. To obtain official recognition (report card, transcript, diploma).
  2. To improve your situation in the labor market.
  3. To specify your training or development needs.
  4. To identify the skills you have mastered.
  5. The recognition of prior learning and skills is a process that allows official recognition of skills to be obtained by converting significant work experience acquired into a diploma recognized in Australia.
The advantages of RPL for Australian immigration are as follows:
  1. Increase your chances of getting a job
  2. Improve your qualifications and keep your job
  3. Increase your chances of advancement
  4. Specify your training or development needs
  5. Reduce the duration of a training course, if necessary
  6. Establish mastered skills and acquire missing skills
  7. Obtain the prerequisites for other training
  8. At the end of this process, you will receive:
  • An official document certifying the skills you have mastered.
  • A plan for acquiring the missing training, if applicable.

The certification of an engineer enhances, in addition to the qualification, the continuous professional training, the experience gained in the field and the personal capacity to assume responsibility, in all sectors, roles and activities of the Engineer.
The Competency Demonstration Report highlights the entire career path of the engineer, all his skills and then – in particular – highlights his specialization, that is, those activities or set of activities that engineer believes he can do better and perform more vertically.
This report also represents the “total” professional value of the Engineer, because it highlights his specialization together with the relevant accredited field of Engineering and together with his entire CV and all other qualifications, and certifications accrued up to that point in his working life.
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