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Assessment Tools to Migrate Down Under

Competency demonstration report or CDR is a personality and skill assessment program that is needed to be presented to Engineers Australia or EA to ensure a seamless migration to the country. The engineers who desire to migrate to Australia have to qualify for the assessment of Engineers Australia (EA). They are the authorized assessing authority for engineering professions in Australia. The Migration Skills Assessment or MSA recognizes qualifications either from Australia or from nations that are categorized under Sydney Accord, Washington Accord, or Dublin Accord. People migrating from the rest of the countries including India need to qualify by submitting the CDR to Engineers Australia for a thorough assessment.
Competency Demonstration Report or CDR report Australia is a document that showcases that the expertise and knowledge an engineer possesses tallies with the Australian standards. A typical CDR must encompass the following details and descriptions. They are personal information that must compromise personal biodata, passport photo, place of birth, National Identity Card No, birth certificate, and English language test results. In the educational part, one must include educational certificates and testimonials. In the application section, one must include the engineering domain and attach the relevant professional qualification.
Those who wish to migrate and seek a job in the IT sector must undergo the evaluation program of ACS recognition of prior learning (RPL) by the Australian Computer Society. Recognition of Prior Learning is an assessment of skills of a person, who do not have ICT qualifications or any relevant ICT qualifications. Australian Computer Society (ACS) accepts such individuals to have essential skills before they move into Australia.
These professional and authorized bodies like ACS and AE to evaluate the candidature with all kinds of assessment and evaluation tools and identify the professional and qualified individuals who can seamlessly migrate down under.