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ACS Work Experience Deduction

Australian Computer Society (ACS) is bestowed with the responsibility for assessing your skills, knowledge, and work experience in the ICT field. Here, it must be noted that professionals from another country with no relevant ICT degree or any form of tertiary qualifications are required to present their skills with the help of an RPL report for ACS skills assessment.

ACS Work Experience Deduction

ACS deducts approximately 2 to 4 years of work experience according to educational background. The deduction would also be based on the level by which your occupation matches with the ANZSCO code. Hence, it is evident that your skills, roles, and responsibilities must match with the ANZSCO code for desirable results.
However, commonly 2 years is deducted from the work experience of every worker as it is a notion believed by the ACS those 2 years’ timeframe is the training period of workers. If you have a Bachelor’s degree in the IT field, 2 years of experience would be deducted additionally. If you are from a Non-ICT field, then there would be a deduction of 4 years from your total work experience.
For the application process, an appropriate ANZSCO code must be selected based on the skills and experience. Based on this step, the RPL report must be written and submitted to the ACS along with other documents. If your RPL report is approved, you will receive a confirmation mail with a reference number, which would help you to track your application. Normally, it takes 8-10 days to get the report.


The factors for deduction are stated as follows:
  1. If your skills and qualifications do not match with the ones mentioned in the ANZSCO code
  2. The year of Bachelor’s degree completion
  3. Your subject of specialization
  4. The relevance of the work and skills learned during work as per the ANZSCO code
  5. Additionally, if your degree or ACS qualifications are already there, it will be an added advantage for you and no deductions would be there.
  6. As per the above mentions, it is evident that the RPL report would play an empirical role in the approval of skilled migration by the ACS. Hence, it would be wise to choose a professional expert in this field with years of experience in RPL report writing. Our experts have years of experience in this area and have a positive history if providing assured results.

Example of Work Experience Deduction

Below is an example for your clear understanding,
If you complete relevant qualifications in the ICT field and have a Bachelor’s degree in the same as of 31st March 2008 and have 4 years of relevant work experience, only 2 years of the deduction would be made. This deduction would be done to satisfy the suitability of the skill levels and the date would be considered as 31st June 2010.
All the relevant experiences gained after 31st March 2010, will be taken into account, and considerations for skilled employment would be marked after this date. 2 years of work experience will be used to satisfy the criteria of suitability, but this will not make one eligible for the migration point test.

ACS ‘AFTER’ Start Date

One Of the important topics regarding skilled migration is the “after month” mentioned in the ACS skill assessment report. ACS does not specify the date which should be mentioned in the Expression of Interest (EoI). According to ACS, you can consider the date of filling application in the EoI.