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Work as a Professional Engineer in Australia

Would you like to work as an engineer in Australia? First of all, you should know that these professionals are the darlings of Australian businessmen and even more so if they are from Latin America.
Australia offers very good job opportunities to all engineers. In addition, it offers you the facility to validate or homologate your engineering degree in the country and obtain permanent residence.
The origin of this is because in this country every year it creates a number of new projects and they do not have the qualified workforce.
This shortage of professionals makes Australia a paradise for engineers who want to settle down, work and earn one of the best salaries in the world.
How to validate or homologate the engineering degree in Australia?
In the first place, to validate or homologate the engineering degree in Australia is in charge of Engineers Australia. It is the highest authority in charge of regularizing and establishing the standards for the practice of engineers in the country.
To begin, it is necessary to deliver all the necessary documentation in said body, since they must first analyse what type of engineer you are.
This first step is called the Skill Assessment, because it is not an endorsement itself. Here the academic profile and work experience or expertise of the candidate are evaluated.
This means that they not only take into consideration the subjects you studied at the university, they also analyse the technical-practical skills applied during your work experience. Only after that, APEGS Engineering Licensee and Geoscience Licensee is issued to the person.
Requirements to certify the engineering degree in Australia
According to Engineer Australia, the requirements to validate or homologate the engineering degree are:
  1. Certified English. You can submit the (IELTS) International English Language Testing System general version with no band less than 6.
  2. The engineering degree.
  3. The qualifications of engineering studies.
  4. The necessary documentation that certifies work experience after graduation or professional practices.
  5. Three technical tests or CDR report of two sheets each. Here you must describe three technical contributions that you have achieved during your work experience as an engineer.
  • A curriculum summary. Must meet Engineer Australia guidelines.
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