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What does the assessment involve

If you don’t meet all the prerequisites listed for membership with Engineers Australia, you’ll need to finish a competency assessment before you apply for membership. This assessment is furthermore called an entry to practice Engineers Australia skills assessment. You’ll require an assessment if you have:-
  1. Australian engineering credentials that aren’t accredited or recognized by Engineers Australia
  2. Engineering credential from overseas which aren’t recognized by Engineers Australia
  3. Capabilities in fields linked to engineering which aren’t recognized by Engineers Australia but you have post-graduate engineering credentials and significant engineering experience.
  4. What does the assessment involve?
  5. You’ll need to pass a thorough competency assessment of your skills and qualifications. Your competence will be considered across three key areas:
  6. Knowledge base – that you have the applicable engineering foundation knowledge.
  7. Engineering ability – you can apply your knowledge to problems and situations within your occupational category. 
  8. Professional characteristics.
How to apply
To apply, you’ll require developing an account in the EA member portal. You’ll also require the next documentation in a format you can upload with your assessment application:
  1. Color scanned copy of a preliminary piece of identification. A passport photo page, existing driver’s license or copy of your birth certificate is fair.
  2. Passport-sized picture
  3. Proof of your English language competence if you don’t meet the exempt measures
  4. Copies of all your qualifications comprising degree certificate (testamur)
  5. Academic transcripts containing the actual plus an English language translation (if relevant)
  6. For further assistance regarding CDR Australia.