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Three most common mistakes while CDR writing

If you want to migrate to Australia, you will have to clear the assessment done by Engineers Australia and for that, you are required to submit a CDR report. However, if your education has been accredited to Official Washington, Sydney Accords, Dublin then you are not asked for this CDR report. So, in short, you must have got your qualifications from Australia or a country that has signed the Accords to be competent for MSA, migration skill assessment. APEGS Engineering Licensee and Geoscience Licensee are the professionals who have cleared the APEGS assessment for professional practice and ethical standards. 
So, if you are an Engineer by profession and want to have an excellent future in Australia, the CDR report assessment is the only way to go ahead. However, committing mistakes while writing such a professional and the defined document is quite normal.
To have your expert hand for your CDR writing. Some of the most common mistakes, been observed by CDR writers are- 
1. Use of excessive technical information 
It’s good to add technical data to your CDR. But excessive use of it can surely make it over the need and that’s inappropriate to look at as well as to read. So, a CDR expert is generally hired to frame this most important report for the migration seekers. An expert with great experience will keep it short and added with all the essential information. 
2. Word count 
In each section of your CDR, a specific count of words is required to be written. It has already been defined which section of the CDR needs how many words. For instance, the word count for each Career episode should be more than 1000 words and should not exceed 2500 words. 
3. Improper organizational structure 
Your organizational structure in your CDR report carries your hierarchy and position in the project. It should be efficiently written to reflect your position in the project and what all you have in your projects till now.