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The Requirements of a CDR Report

Engineers who expect to migrate to Australia always have several concerns about various facets of the Competency Demonstration Report (CDR) for the Australian Skills Assessment. This article pursues to give answers to the most common type of doubt people have about CDR report.
Usually, a prosperous CDR compliance will be inferred by how greatly you comprehend the fundamental CDR report provisions and the ACS Migration Skills Assessment standards.

What are the needs of a CDR Report as per Engineers Australia?

Engineers Australia is invariably inferred to assure that just prepared engineers get an opportunity to migrate and function in Australia. To assure this, EA has set immigration statutes specified in the ACS Migration Skills Assessment (MSA) booklet accessible on EA’s website. The following are the major requirements for skills assessment through the Competency Demonstration Report track as per Engineers Australia.
  1. Your details comprising birth certificate, passport bio-data among others.
  2. An updated document of your resume exhibiting details of your job and schooling.
  3. Information on competency in the English language (test outcomes for IELTS)
  4. Educational staff and/or enrolment certificates, academic transcripts, or other papers
  5. Job letter(s)
  6. Three Career Episodes
  7. The Summary Statement
  8. Continuing Professional Development (CPD)
The first part of the provisions for Australian skills assessment through the CDR pathway is established on education qualification, personal identification, and job details. Nonetheless, the difficult fraction is the second part which implicates the preparation of CDR documents. A CDR report includes three Career Episodes, a summary Statement, CPD, and the CV. For further information.
Your CDR report should be established on three practical engineering undertakings, one per career episode or an employment position that you maintained.