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If you are an engineer and are looked forward to migrating to some other country for a fairer and bright future, then you must have overheard the specific requirements of different Engineering bodies. Every country has its peculiar list of competencies or says necessities, which you need to meet when applying for migration and job.
It is the competency demonstration report, which is said to be submitted while applying for an engineer’s job in Australia or any other country. The CDR report consists of three CE’s (Carrier Reports). This report lists your professional engineering activities of 3 recent projects. It also encompasses your workshops, short courses, and attended training throughout your study career.
But, it’s not sufficient to have acceptable qualifications and ample documents. You also have to organize your entire course of training in a well-tailored summary. The format of that summary is given to you by Engineers Australia. It’s a matter to be concentrated on as, if you fail to put up everything in your CDR Australia, in a defined way, the chances of your migration may be lessened.
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My CDR help can help you accomplish your dream of becoming a Professional Engineer in Australia and prepare your CDR, your primary foundation, to master your life’s path.