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Like many others, if you are looking at Australia as your future career house, then you must know about the most important part of your immigration process; your CDR report. 
For the engineering practice in Australia, three occupational categories are being recognized by the EA-
  1. Professional Engineer
  2. Engineering technologist
  3. Engineering Associate

So, if you are looking forward to living in a different country like Australia and have an extremely beautiful opportunity, but are stuck in the formalities of migration allowance? Particularly, the CDR report which is an important part of Australian Immigration is the most hectic and thoughtful process to be done. Then getting professional help is never that tough.
Getting an expert-written CDR report is the dream of many. But, they find it tough to get a trusted and most effective team for their work. After all, no one would like to rely on some unprofessional and local sources and get no productive results in their assessment. Experts at My CDR help are always there at one of the topmost places to accompany you till the positive assessment of your Competency demonstration report. If you are an Engineer from India, New Zealand, UAE, Australia, UK, US, or Pakistan, then you will be glad to hear that we work our best toward your CDR approval., that too within the very first attempt.
The Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Saskatchewan encourages the competency submission of Professional Engineers. The APEGS Engineering Licensee and Geoscience Licensee help the assessors and validators in verifying the submissions.
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