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How popular is skill assessment testing

Skill assessment tests are examinations constructed to assist employers to evaluate the skills of their job applicants and employees. Even the countries conduct these assessments for their migrants who wish to be employed in their country. For example, Engineers Australia skill assessment. 
Adopting the skills assessment trial assists companies to ensure that their job candidates, as well as their present workers, have the adequate skills to successfully do their jobs.
Skill assessment tests are most widely used in the hiring procedure. Several employers want their applicants to take a skill assessment examination to narrow down their roster of competitors who will be asked to a job interview.
High-quality skill inspection tests are the only completely formal, standardized, and scientific procedures for assessing the skills of workers and job candidates.
By description, skill assessment tests have to yield a clear record, rating, description, and classification. This is why these examinations can more objectively define, estimate, and assess competitors’ skills and proficiency.
How popular is skill assessment testing?
Although skill assessment tests are through for decades, in the previous few years the proportion of employers who utilize them has grown fantastically.
Today, 82% of corporations use some aspect of pre-employment assessment tests. For Australian immigration ACS Migration skills assessment is the legitimate examination that has to be given by the applicants.
This is anticipated by the scientific and technological advancement of skill assessment tools. Presently, these methods are more affordable than always, which is extremely worthwhile for employers.
Another reason why so numerous employers use skill assessment tests these days is that they ensure a good candidate experience. Competitors can access and puzzle out these skill examination tests online from their residence room, at the time that fits them the nicest.