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Employing a migration agent

Each year we at My CDR help in the skill assessment of thousands of overseas engineers to help them shift forward with their migration goals. We assist both fully-qualified engineers and engineering learners with agilities assessment for interim or permanent migration. 
Employing a migration agent
You can employ a migration agent, legal practitioner, or another person to help you formulate and submit your Engineers Australia skill assessment application. 
A migration agent can assist you with your Engineers Australia migration skills assessment as well as your passport requirements.
Migrants with non-accredited credentials are needed to complete a Competency Demonstration Report (CDR). The applicant must show that he/she has the core technological engineering knowledge and has ascertained the application of that knowledge. The CDR contains a statement on continuing professional development (CPD), three career episodes, and a summary statement.
The CPD indicates that you are up to date with the growths in your field of engineering. You will be instructed to furnish the CPD in a table format which comprises the name of the course, the date, the period, the forum, and the name of the organizer.
The core objective of the career episode is to ascertain your engineering education and/or work experience. Each episode concentrates on a distinct duration or characteristic of your engineering activity. It can contain training concluded as part of your university education, a project you are functioning on, or even a special engineer problem that you were needed to solve.
Once that is finished, you are needed to analyze the career episodes with the key competency components for the nominated engineering occupation. Want help regarding your ACS Migration Skills Assessment?  Click here for the best outcomes,